Contract Activity Management Program (CAMP) is developed for the utility industry by the utility industry. It is a web based application that facilitates easy and efficient management of contracts awarded to vendors carrying out activities such as vegetation management, OH and UD Construction, Lighting, staking or inspection contracts.

CAMP provides a very intuitive and easy to use graphical interface to all functions of contract management.Using CAMP, the utility can easily create vendor details, contracts and define roles for multiple levels of approvals. Once the contract is approved and released for execution, CAMP allows direct interaction with the vendor community through a secure web site. Vendors provide the details of work performed in terms of location, timesheets and submitted invoices.

CAMP's built in workflow enables a smooth multi-level invoice approval system submitted by vendors. Sarbanes-Oxley standards are implemented to ensure, for example, that multiple levels of approvals are not given by the same user. Further, all actions performed on important elements are logged into a central database to enable invoice and payment tracking. Approved invoices are processed for payments by a direct interface to the Accounts Payable system.

CAMP provides the vendor with web based visibility to the status of their invoices throughout the approval and payment processes and reduces calls to Accounts Payable and Customer Service.
CAMP monitors the execution of the awarded contracts. Vendors enter the dates and locations where they have executed the work. The efficient reports make it convenient to monitor which region is serviced by the vendor on which date. This tracking of vendor performance makes award of future contracts easy.

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Chris Sciabica
Director of Sales

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  • Maintains vendor information
  • Records contract information
  • Processes vendor invoices and timesheets submitted online
  • Provides batch and online interfaces to the accounting systems to enable faster turnaround of electronic payments
  • Provides workflow for invoice management


  • Improves the efficiency of contract management
  • Provides self-service invoice and payment tracking to vendors-thereby greatly reducing the Utility's internal costs
  • Makes invoice / timesheet creation easier by giving an easy to use visual interface
  • Enables status monitoring of the submitted invoices and payments
  • Reduces cycle time and cost of payments