Capricorn Recruiting System (CRS) is a system for HR Recruiting consultancy organizations that consist of database of candidates, Customers, Sub-Contractors, and Requirements. CRS application includes a large set of reports developed in a well arranged comprehensive and stylish graphical user-interface. CRS embraces powerful search features across the database and useful well designed data groupings and filtering.


The principal users of CRS are:

  • Sales persons
  • Recruiters
  • Account Managers
  • Recruiting Managers
  • Human Resources
  • Administrators
  • Management
CRS caters to the following:
  • Customers
    • Contact information, Assigned Sales Person and Account Manager
    • Right To Represent (RTR) requirements
    • Tracking customer interactions
    • Vendor Management System (VMS) customers
  • Customer Requirements
    • Scan VMS Requirement emails and auto-populate in CRS
    • Assign Recruiter
    • Email Alerts to Sales and Recruiting teams
    • Requirement Special Notes and modifications
  • Candidates
    • Internal candidate database - with resume search capability
    • Tracking probable duplicates
    • Recruiter/candidate ownership management policy implementation - temporary, permanent, intent, common pool
    • Submittal status tracking - Recruiter Submitted, Rejected by Sales, Submitted to Customer, Selected for Interview,
      Selected by Customer, Rejected by Customer, On-Board, Permanent Placement - with complete audit trail
    • RTR standardized processing - customized for each customer’s requirements
    • Manage multiple submittals of same candidate to different requirements
    • Email Alerts to Sales and Recruiting teams
    • Candidate cost sheet
  • Sub-contractor companies
    • Tracking Contracts or Terms and Conditions agreement emails
    • Candidates
    • Sub-contractor related recruiting policy implementation
  • Management Reports
    • Sales Performance (Overall, sales person wise, customer-wise)
    • Recruiter Performance (Overall, recruiter wise, customer wise)
    • On-Board and Permanent Placement candidates
    • Recruiter Activity (Summary and Detail)
    • Sales person Activity
    • Dashboards


  • Fully Web based, Intuitive Interface with Ease-of-Use Design
  • Global search feature finds information fast no matter where it is located in CRS
  • Access Control allows certain information to be shared or restricted based on user credentials
  • Consistent information sharing among sales and recruiting teams
  • Consistent implementation of recruiting policies
  • Auto scanning of VMS Requirement emails for instant distribution to recruiters
  • Email Alerts for all significant events
  • Standardized implementation of Right To Represent process
  • Internal database of candidates with resume search capability
  • Change Log feature to track all changes

A mobile version of CRS is under planning to enable all users of CRS to perform their activities not only remotely but also by using the very ubiquitous Smart Phone platform in a very efficient and user-friendly manner.