The Open Access Transmission Tariff Information System (OATTIS) manages the design and analysis of the rate and financial models that are the basis of these FERC Filings. OATTIS simplifies the process for gathering massive amounts of data from multiple sources needed for rate and financial calculations. The system facilitates the workflow of the complex processes to design the financial model, capture inputs, validate inputs, track changes, create final models for FERC filings, maintain, and analyze data. OATTIS helps reengineer and streamline a company’s processes that are the basis for OATT processing.

Electric utility transmission companies earn wholesale and retail revenues by providing services to customers under the terms of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) - the tariff could be based on ‘formulary’ or ‘fixed’ transmission rates as negotiated by the company's Transmission Policy Group. The Department of Energy along with FERC requires Major Electric Utilities, Licensees and Others to report balance sheet and related statements of income under the Federal Power Act, using standardized formats such as Form 1. These companies use this information along with other financial data to formally submit Informational (budget tariffs) and True-up (actual tariffs) Filings to FERC.

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