Vehicle dent removal companies work on site, for example, at the parking lot of car dealers, or at homes of individual car owners. Dents are typically caused by minor accidents or by hail.

In the existing process, a technician goes to the customer location, assesses the repair work required, writes an estimate / invoice on a paper form, obtains the customer signature and, upon arrival back at their office, submits the paper documents to the accounting department for actual invoicing. The accounting department then enters the invoices in their accounting systems. This process is quite inefficient and error prone because of the manual steps and dual entry of data - once on the forms and the second time by the accounting department.

Capricorn’s Mobile Invoice Management System (CMIMS) automates the end-to-end process using mobile technologies and back-end integration to accounting systems.


  • Android tablet application
  • Invoice creation
  • Customizable invoice line items
  • Signature capture using finger
  • Remote Wireless printing
  • Does not need Internet connection for invoicing
  • Interface with G-mail to send electronic invoice copies to customer
  • Internet connection required only for uploading invoices to backend
  • Interface with QuickBooks accounting software
    • Import of Accounts, Customers from QuickBooks
    • Export of Invoices to QuickBooks
  • Customer configuration
  • User Login
  • Backend integration using a Web based application


  • End-to-end – paperless – streamlined – integrated process
  • Enter once and use many times
  • Customizable customer information and invoice line items to keep CMIMS and QuickBooks in sync.
  • Painless synchronization of data with backend systems to ensure data consistency