Software Development

With our strategic SEI-CMM Level 5 IT Systems Integration Partnerships, we are able to provide our clients a one-stop shop for all their Technology Consulting and IT needs. Our sourcing processes and standards based solutions development methodologies lets you have access to Expert Technical Resources “On Demand” and enables our customers to quickly create and deliver applications faster and at a cost lower than they could ever imagine.


Our Solutions enable customers to Deliver Flexible Applications to Market FASTER – In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations are under increasing pressure to roll out new and enhanced application solutions for improved competitive advantage. The need to recognize and respond to change is critical. Capricorn with its strategic capabilities enables IT organizations keep pace with evolving business requirements.

Enterprise Agility, Application Adaptability – Our standards-based production platform lets you quickly create and deliver applications that are easily adaptable to changing business requirements.

With our expertise, clients can build higher quality, more maintainable applications in weeks, not months, at a lower total cost of ownership. Business users are happy because they get the applications they need, when they want them. Efficient utilization of resources allows IT organizations to focus on critical business objectives. You can keep pace with evolving business requirements with our fast, flexible application production platform.

At times when management is very much concerned on the Return on Investment and is constantly evaluating strategies to retain that competitive edge, at the same time being conservative about costs, Capricorn is the bridge that lets you leverage our multiple capabilities to achieve all the above. Be it Business Intelligence Solutions, J2EE Technologies, Microsoft/.NET implementations, iPhone solutions, Project Management, ERP – SAP and Oracle implementations, Web Development, GIS, CAD & Engineering Services, Project Management Services, Instructional Services, Document Imaging Solutions…. we have the answers.

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