Simplified Process Improvement for Corporate Excellence (SPICESM) is designed to address the demands of a growing number of companies that are doing business internationally and are quite often faced with the need to obtain quality registration from international bodies such as the ISO - International Organization for Standardization. The various functional modules in SPICESM are generic in nature and are applicable to a wide variety of business organizations.


SPICESM functionality is designed to be extremely modular. The customer may choose to implement any one functional module or any combination of the functional modules in SPICESM. These modules are as follows:


  • DCS- Document Control System
  • MNT- Equipment Maintenance
  • NCP- Non-Conformity Control, CA & PA
  • AUM- Audit Module
  • CAL- Calibration (Under development)
  • TRG- Training (Under development)

SPICESM is a web-based system designed to minimize Total Cost of Ownership by implementing the application in the J2EE platform using open source components. 
All modules implement automated business processes that can almost claim to be paperless. This truly enhances the efficiency of the personnel involved in these activities and is a boon when preparing for audits internal or external – because there is NO PREPARATION REQUIRED FOR AUDITS as the modules capture all the necessary data and make it available in an easy to use system. 

Please contact Chris Sciabica at 678-514-1080 xtn 2402 or email him at csciabica@capricornsys.com to learn more about this product.